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She/Her | 21+ | Asian

College student and aspiring author working on an unlimited flow novel. I also translate Chinese BL novels (danmei), make gifs and write metas on Tumblr, read and write fanfics, and make anime music videos (AMV) with what little video editing knowledge I have.

I mainly consume East Asian media: anime, manga, danmei, Chinese anime (donghua), and Korean manhwa. Recently, I’ve also been into Stranger Things.

My favorite genres are horror, thriller, mystery, supernatural, and sports shounen. I just love the stimulation.

Web Fiction Editing

Web Novel & Fanfiction Alpha/Beta Reading, Editing, and Proofreading

I offer more than your average beta reader. I can be your all-in-one alpha reader, editor, and proofreader.

Not only will I review your story through the eyes of a reader, but I will also give you my honest opinions as a writer. I will point out what works and what doesn’t, reacting live via inline comments.

And depending on the package you choose, I can edit just the grammar and minor mistakes of your story, or go all-out and look at your story as a whole. I can give you feedback on plot coherency and structure, themes and implications, character arcs and development, and more.

If you buy the Premium package, I can also do line edits, checking the flow, tone, and style of each sentence. If you struggle with sentence variety and natural-sounding dialogue, I can help you with those, too.

On Tumblr, my dms are only open to mutuals. On Discord, it’s only open to friends.

For non-mutuals on Tumblr, you may send your messages via ask. If you don’t want my answer to your ask to be published, you can put a note at the end requesting for a private response.

On Discord, if you have something you must tell me in private, please ask for my permission first in a mutual server.

If you want to be friends/mutuals, please interact with me in public spaces first. You could do this by leaving comments (via tags or reblogs) on my posts on Tumblr, replying to my tweets, leaving comments on my AO3 fics, chatting with me in Discord servers, etc.

If you have some business matters or something extremely important to discuss with me, contact me via email.

For general inquiries: lizzieonka @gmail.com

For stuff concerning my danmei translations / lizonkanovels website / web fiction editing service: [email protected]

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