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First things first, “Lizonka” is not my real name, and I am definitely not Russian. I just chose to go with “Lizonka” because I had a fascination for Russian names back in 2016 due to the Yuri on Ice fandom.I started reading danmei in 2019, and like most people, my first novels were the MXTX trio; among which, Heaven Official's Blessing is my favorite. I've read many other novels since then, and it's honestly been quite... overwhelming haha.My favorite genres are Supernatural, Horror, Thriller, and Mystery. This is why I am suuuuper fond of Survival Games novels with intelligent or cunning protagonists. Sadly, there aren't much of those on NovelUpdates (。>︿<).If you know any good Unlimited Flow novels (with a smart MC), please do tell me!

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