Lizonka is a college student riddled with a thousand demons, and she fights back with the power of danmei, pizza, anime, and tears.

She loves warm colors, pineapples, and most of all, her fictional harem of tsunderes. She also has a guilty pleasure of reading brainless dog blood stories with scum gongs and abused shous, even though it's bad for her mental health.


Chinese Media

FandomShip or Fave
Bestial BladeChang An/Hua Yi, A'Ye x Ka Zuo
The Earth is OnlineBai Ruoyao
Tian Guan Ci FuHuaLian
RSCBLin Xuanzhi/Yan Tianhen, Yuan Tianwen/Duan Yuyang
188-YOIHe Gu/Song Juhan
Scum VillainMoShang, BingQiu
188-IdiotJian Suiying/Li Yu
Da Li Si RizhiCui Bei/Wang Qi
Legend of HeiWuxian

Japanese Media

Detective ConanHattori & Kudo
Diamond no AceMiyuSawa
HaikyuuAtsuHina, KageHina
Hunter x HunterKilluGon
One Punch ManGenoSai
Shingeki no KyojinHistoria
Vanitas no CarteVaniNoe
Yowamushi PedalT2

Bai Ruoyao from The Earth is Online is also included, but I can't find any official art of him 😭

Danmei House

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