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First things first, “Lizonka” is not my real name, and I am definitely not Russian. I just chose to go with “Lizonka” because I had a fascination for Russian names back in 2016 due to the Yuri on Ice fandom.

I started reading danmei in 2019, and like most people, my first novels were the MXTX trio; among which, Heaven Official's Blessing is my favorite. I've read many other novels since then, and it's honestly been quite... overwhelming haha.

My favorite genres are Supernatural, Horror, Thriller, and Mystery. This is why I am suuuuper fond of Survival Games novels with intelligent or cunning protagonists. Sadly, there aren't much of those on NovelUpdates (。>︿<).

If you know any good Unlimited Flow novels (with a smart MC), please do tell me!


Lizonka Novels - A danmei translations and reviews blog

Danmei House - A Discord server for all things danmei

All Roads, They Lead Me Here - a Years of Intoxication fanfic featuring Song Juhan being the one pining. Updates are currently only on GDocs. Not posting this fic on AO3 until I've written a decent amount of chapters and have edited them

Danmei Reading List

NU List - Here's a very extensive reading list for all the novels I've started on that are listed on NovelUpdates

GDocs List - For all other novels I'm reading that are not on NovelUpdates

Favorite Novels

I have a lot of novels I like, so to label one as a "favorite" is quite difficult. For this section, I decided to list those I like most from each genre/trope.

Favorite Danmei Characters

NovelCharacter Name
Bestial BladeHua Yi
I Became a God in a Horror GameBai Liu, Mu Ke, & Mu Sicheng
Mo Dao Zu ShiJiang Cheng
The Earth is OnlineBai Ruoyao

Favorite Pairings

Assistant ArchitectGu Yu / Zhang Siyi
Bestial BladeHua Yi / Chang An
Card RoomYu Hanjiang / Xiao Lou
I Became a God in a Horror GameBai Liu & Mu Ke, Bai Liu & Mu Sicheng
Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial BeingYuan Tianwen / Duan Yuyang
The Scum VIllain's Self-Saving SystemMobei Jun / Shang Qinghua

/ - Romantic gay pairing
& - Platonic pairing
x - Romantic straight pairing

Favorite Authors

Although I've read a lot of novels, when it comes to a favorite author, there is only one right now: Xi He Qing Ling, the author of Assistant Architect and The Perfect Relationship.

I just love the way they* write natural romantic developments between their characters. When I see a work of theirs, I just know that it's gonna be something wholesome and memorable.

* I'm using the pronoun they because I don't know their preferred pronouns. If you know, please tell me!

Favorite Donghua

Clicking on the title links will lead you to the show's trailer on YouTube

  1. Shiguang Dailiren (时光代理人), aka Link Click

  2. Legend of Hei movie + LXH Series S1, S2

  3. White Cat Legend 2020

  4. Heaven Official's Blessing - Watch it legally on Biilibili's Youtube Channel

  5. Are You OK - Watch it legally on Iqiyi

Favorite Anime & Manga

  1. The Case Study of Vanitas

  2. Hunter x Hunter

  3. Haikyuu!!

  4. Yuri!!! on Ice

  5. Detective Conan

  6. One Punch Man

  7. Yowamushi Pedal

Current Obsessions

Danmei NovelMist
DonghuaLegend of Luo Xiaohei web series
DonghuaShiguang Dailiren (aka Link Click)
Anime & MangaThe Case Study of Vanitas


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